The Future of News and PR

What is social media? I see social media as a way for people to communicate, share information or ideas, and create content to be seen by a wider range of audiences. When we think of social media, the ones that come to mind are Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (or myspace for those that remember a little further back). Over time, the ways that social media is used has changed a lot. I remember using Myspace (and later Facebook) to keep in contact with friends that I didn’t get to see or share stuff with them that I may not have wanted to say out loud around my parents (they weren’t and still aren’t too tech savvy). However, as times have changed and different platforms have been introduced, it makes social media a lot more common and replaces things that may have once been a part of a person’s everyday life. You rarely encounter anyone with no social media platforms at all. It’s become such a fabric of our lives that I’m quite sure people find themselves on at least one of these platforms multiple times a day. It has made people “famous”, it has made some interactions between people essentially obsolete (no need to talk face to face or even on the phone since social media has made those forms of communication seem “outdated”), and more importantly, it has changed the world of news and PR. Things, like buying the paper or watching the news, are now in the past. Stories are often able to be posted and updated a lot faster than the times we are used to. Social media has essentially turned ordinary people into amateur journalists. People are able to post about things that they see or hear almost immediately and it travels a lot quicker. They don’t worry about “deadlines”, “libel” or anything else that traditional media and PR individuals have to worry about in their careers. As for the future of news and PR? We either learn to adapt and get with the constantly changing times or prepare to be in for a long road…

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