Blogs..the future of journalism and PR??


In the ever-changing world of social media, blogs have become a very valuable tool for journalists and PR professionals. According to the article “Blogs as Excellent Public Relations Tools” (, the author states that “a growing number of journalists and news editors are reading blog posts on a daily basis to find new and interesting story ideas. Often faster and more efficient than reading press releases, blog entries are likely to yield targeted short and feature article material.” As the world changes, different professions must change with it and learn to adapt. While PR professionals will need to maintain the ability and skill to draft press releases, it seems as though this way of trying to attract journalists to stories is becoming outdated. Blogs provide a more conversational tone while still being able to sell a story and attract the interest of journalists. Blogs allow the stories to be more realistic instead of reading the same type of press release over and over and over again. Blogs give the PR world a new freshness. It also allows for access to a story a lot faster.

One of the key things about maintaining a blog and using it to the fullest potential is to get it seen by the right people. After reading the article “7 Ways To Build Your Brand in the Blagosphere” (, I realized that journalists and PR professionals have to make use of the world of blogs. They can be used to present story ideas. For those that are unable to blog on their own, the article made known about different ways to use different bloggers to help each other. Bloggers are a great way to reach different audiences. Allowing for bloggers to be a part of the process of business allows for it to possibly become more personable while also exposing the blogger, themselves, to bigger audiences.

Once a blog is started, it is important, in both journalism and PR, to build up the blog. They must always make sure that the blog has a good reputation and that is trusted so that it can become the “go-to” when someone needs information. According to the article “Key Strategies for using blogging to build Personal Build” (, “having an acknowledged and popular blog helps you display the best aspects of your brand, company or business, and it can help you build trust among your audience and make sure you build a great reputation online.” Anyone that uses a blog regardless of the field has to know and must understand, that making and maintain a blog takes an effort. Having a successful blog and understanding how to use it in the journalism and PR field can mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful story. We, as professionals, have to work to build our brand for our blogs throughout our careers because it can really make navigating the social media, journalism and PR fields a lot easier.

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