Crowdsourcing..or something like it



Student community service outside of school? Upcoming SHU theatre productions? BSU week? Finding a balance between life in and out of school? After a week of repeatedly reaching out to the very followers that I have (via Twitter), I’ve realized that maybe the problem isn’t with the topics that I asked about. The issue may be that Seton Hall students have so many issues, concerns or things that interest them, that it is hard to pinpoint one or two specific ones.

So that begs the question: How do we make Seton Hall the “go to” school? How do we help others outside see the school in a positive light? We all have our reasons for coming here. Each of us was drawn here for a different reason. Each of us sees the good and bad here but yet, we all find where we belong within the school.

So I ask my followers, who I can only hope will read this, to think to themselves “what brought me to Seton Hall?”. What made you come here or, better yet, what’s making you stay (aside from that very large bill that I’m quite sure we all have in the back of our brains)? So, let’s take the time to think about what we like here so that we may possibly help those who come after us, find where they belong…So that we can make this a better school for the ones who will come when we are long gone.

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