Twitter..Do we need it?




Twitter? Twitter? Oh yeah! I know what that is. Not my social media of choice but I’ve heard of it. Truthfully, before this class, I didn’t need a twitter. At least I didn’t think that I did. I didn’t really have a use for it. Celebrities have one. Politicians have one (as most of us know). News outlets have one. But I’ve always been quite content with Facebook and Instagram. However, after reading this week, I learned some information that I didn’t know that makes me believe that journalists (or in my case PR professionals) will benefit from their use of Twitter. In one of the readings the (, the author mentions one of those ways that twitter is valuable. When news breaks, regular people cant help to talk about (or post or tweet about) what they know and have seen. Why do journalists need to go searching for witnesses to a story when they are making themselves so readily available? Of course, they still need to check their facts, but it makes researching the story a little easier. The article also mentions following newsworthy people and organizations. My only issue is that while some of these newsworthy people are on Twitter, some people may not be. So it now becomes a matter of, not only realizing that Twitter can be a helpful tool but now learning to use it effectively and navigate it correctly. One of the comparisons between Twitter and Facebook, for example, as mentioned in the article “Should all journalists be on Twitter? (, is the limit to characters that can be used in a tweet. It forces journalists to learn how to say more with less. Journalists have to be more open to using Twitter as form of new media. The world is constantly changing with social media becoming such a powerhouse in our society. It’s either learn to use it and get on board or move over for someone that is willing to. Not saying that people who don’t use social media, such as Twitter, can’t work but I think not using them, and not using them effectively puts journalists at a disadvantage. The last article (and the one that was particularly relevant to me) was “Twitter for Public Relations: Fact and Fantasy” ( , as PR professionals, need to use Twitter just as much as journalists. Announcements, Research, and Networking!! Is there anything more that needs to be said? PR professionals can expand their networks and build relationships with reporters. They can find out what other people in their field are talking about and use it for promotion purposes for their clients.

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