Algorithms, Social Media, Mobile reporting..oh my!


You remember that really good post that you put on Facebook that one time? You worded it the right way. You said all the right things. It was thought-provoking and you were sure it would make all of your followers think? Or remember that other one you put up? That one was sure to get a ton of laughs. So why didn’t it? Well because of the algorithms that are put in place that make sure that only a select few of your followers see your content. An algorithm is defined as “a calculated repeatable process, most often used by computers to solve problems”. They are basically social media’s way of making sure that you only see content that you enjoy (or that you are perceived to enjoy). They look at the posts that you like, the ones you share, how long you took to read it and it uses all of that information to decide what content you will see. According to the article “Social Media Algorithms: What they are and how to improve your reach” (, there is no simple way to make sure that your content is seen, especially when you’re just starting out and haven’t built up your network yet. However, the article did tell about some best practices, including only sharing helpful and relevant content and encouraging likes, comments, and shares. One of the ways to be seen on social media is to make use of hashtags. They can be incredibly important when it comes to getting the content seen because people aren’t limited to the amount that they can see.

Like the article I talked about earlier, an article called “How to Rise Above Social Media Algorithms” (, conquering social media is all about strategy. Whether it is tagging users in your content that they may be interested in or that involves them to raise engagement or simply asking for the engagement from followers, there are many ways to help your content be seen. Now the article mentions that it is possible to allow for all content to be seen but the algorithms were put in place to keep from spamming users with content they don’t want to see (or are presumed to not want to see).

This week, we also read about mobile reporting. The way that we always saw journalism has changed so much in recent years. In the article “How TV News is Turning to Mobile Journalism” (, it begins by letting it be known that long gone are the days of expensive satellite trucks and TV crews. All a reporter needs is the right mobile equipment and to be where the action is. Now, it isn’t to say that the traditional way of broadcasting is gone but it certainly is becoming more outdated. Since the usage of mobile phones for reporting is still developing, it hasn’t become outdated yet. But I wouldn’t be surprised if one day soon, mobile reporting took over entirely..think about it…


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