Reuters: News in a social media world

New York NY USA Reuters news agency sign.


Reuters? Umm, what? To be honest, I’m still new to the PR and Journalism worlds (didn’t become a PR major until I transferred to SHU last semester). So there are still things and people that I am learning about every day. Truthfully if you don’t know then your guess was as good as mine. Professor Bollinger spoke of the company and the speakers that we will be hearing from and it left the thought in my mind “What is Reuters?” So, what is Reuters? After googling, Wikipedia (not the most reputable source but definitely a start when you know nothing to begin with) say that Reuters is “an international news organization”. OK! Simple enough. What else? The first result that pops up on google is the Reuters website. When you scroll to the very bottom of the home page, it says “Reuters, the news and media division of Thomas Reuters, is the world’s largest international multimedia news provider reaching more than one billion people every day.” I’ve gotten the gist of what Reuters has done and how they handle media and they have a really great website, but I find myself having more questions involving the ins and outs.

We will be having two speakers from Reuters, Gina Cherelus and Barbara Goldberg, both who are national correspondents. Its only natural that I would want to find out more about them, how they got started and what led them to where they are now. I started with Gina Cherelus. The first couple searches on Google were of the Reuters site with the stories she had written listed, her personal site and her Twitter so, of course, there were going to be my “go to” on discovering who Gina Cherelus was. On Google, under the title of her website, it calls Gina a “news covering, camera slinging reporter who loves a good story that begs to be told.” Obviously, I had to go to that site because how could I not? Caught my attention. Let me just say, I love her site. It tells how accomplished she is while not being overly gaudy.  She seems to have a very active Twitter account keeping her followers up to date with recent news, ranging from entertainment to breaking news.

Next, I did the same search for Barbara Goldberg. There were some similar things that came up when I searched for her. I found a link to the Reuters page with some of the stories that she had written. I also found her Twitter and a LinkedIn page. Even though she has been a national correspondent with Reuters for 8 years, she has been involved in media since the 80s. To have a career span that long is incredibly impressive.

While both of these women are Journalists and I am a PR major, I’m sure there is quite a bit that they can teach. These two phenomenal women will be speaking Tuesday, March 5, 2019, at 5 p.m. in Nursing 105. It’s open to all PR, Communications and Journalism major. Feel free to come out with questions.

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