Instagram vs. Snapchat: which would you choose?

Instagram vs. Snapchat? Which is better? Which do I use? Truthfully, according to the video by Neil Patel, why not use both? There are pros to using both and each has its own purpose. As we heard in the video, each platform reaches different audiences. Yes, there may be some overlap but why limit yourself to one platform over the other?

While both platforms can be used to widen your audience range, we’ve seen that these platforms aren’t without flaws. In the article “Rihanna hits Snapchat where it hurts”, a very offensive advert was used that played on the singer’s past as a domestic violence victim. As a result of the singer’s outrage and influence with her following, shares in Snapchat dropped. We know that these platforms are very influential in the lives of the people that use them but this article also showed that those who use these platforms have influence over the platforms themselves.

So, do we need to choose? Not really. Just use responsibly.



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