Traditional or new age press releases?


The digital age has really changed the way of traditional news releases. Traditional Press Release- Out- Online News Releases are IN says that times have changed. It used to be that press releases were written exclusively for the media. They were written by public relations professionals. They were used by American businesses. They were the automatic and legal responses that were given by the companies to the public. They were used to release company news, comment on unfortunate incidents and anything in between. Then the times changed…

The internet has changed the way that public relations professionals work. According to the article, press releases are not just for “big news” anymore. They can be sent for a variety of reasons. Instead of targeting journalists, news can be produced directly to those that it appeals (the buyers). Releasing press releases online comes with benefits. It is cheaper, the timeframe that the releases are available is much longer, and the news can be sent to different bloggers and websites, in addition to the traditional media.

Keywords are words that can be used to help the press release be found easier when being searched. They are incredibly important when it comes to getting the press release seen by the target audience or anyone, for that matter. How to Write a Press Release mentioned that a good press release will grab a reporter’s attention and “force their curiosity to want to learn more about your announcement.”

The article, What’s the Difference Between Social Media News Release and a Regular Press Release?, brings up that the difference between the two is the audience. Social media releases are aimed directly to the customers instead of the media. Customers are also able to share the press release with others, which spreads the word and allows it to be seen by more. They are also less formal and written more in the form of an article.

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