Let’s talk about curation.

the-art-of-content-curationCuration? What exactly is that? Truthfully, from reading I’ve read a couple definitions that all boil down to essentially the same thing. Curation is “the selection, organization, and presentation of online content, merchandise, information, etc., typically using professional or expert knowledge.” What does this mean for journalism? Well, journalism is not dead as many have started to think since the rise of social media and “fake news”. Curating has always been in existence but the world of online or content has emerged. Basically, curation “gathers all the fragmented pieces of information to one location, allowing people to get access to more specialized content.”

I liked how one of the articles compared curation to the job of a DJ. The selections can’t be safe and “ad hoc”. You must know your audience so that you can know what appeals to them and are able to give them what they want. Content curation is very similar. You pick the most relevant and interesting to the audience.

Curation is an effective journalistic tool. A blog post that I read says that even though the word curation is still pretty new in journalism but the practice of it is very well known. Journalism is essentially curation. News and feature stories often combine different sources in order to showcase the entire story.

Something that was in agreeance across all of the articles I have read is that there a variety of tools that can be used as an effective content curator. In terms of PR and Marketing, there are scheduling tools that can be utilized for effective curation. Content curation can also be used to share different bits of information about a client from different places while also adding a personal voice to what is shared. Curation may continue to change the idea of what we expect typical Journalism, Public Relations and Marketing to be.

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